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BOY’S WRITING – (David Maytham – TT Education) – Course Completed

BOY’S WRITING – (David Maytham – TT Education) – Course Completed

Raise standards in boy’s writing by using fun, practical and achievable methods to inspire boys to write.

This course is high in energy and high in impact.  It is packed full of activities your children will love and draws on the importance of talk and idea generation in the writing process.  Learn how to make the most of collaborative learning and shared writing and discover strategies for modelling the writing process.  Bring writing to life in your school through dozens of ideas, games and approaches that are proven to help children generate creative ideas and accelerate their attainment.

Key Objectives:

  • To improve confidence and enjoyment in writing
  • To provide you with a range of inspiring activities, strategies and games that enable boys to create powerful, creative ideas for their writing.
  • To discover exciting and engaging activities to support high quality teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation.


St. Francis Catholic Primary School, Coronation Road, Ascot, Berks. SL5 9HG


Heavily subsidised at £75.00pp

Email: encompass@stfrancisprimary.org  Phone:  01344 622840 Lynne Ringshaw


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