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What is mindfulness? 

Simply put, to be mindful means to engage with the present moment with an attitude of interest, curiosity and allowing. 

Why is this helpful? 

It’s not often that we’re engaged with the present moment. We tend to function moment by moment out of habit rather than conscious choice; we go through the motions of our daily activities but our minds are elsewhere. When we are engaged with the present moment, we may find ourselves wishing the moment away and wanting it to be different to how it is. When we function in this way, we miss out on the simple pleasures life has to offer; our behaviour is automatic and reactive which can lead to feelings of frustration and helplessness and we can become mentally and physically exhausted. Cultivating mindfulness helps us to recognise how we’re relating to the present moment and equips us with the skills to relate to the present moment differently and to choose our responses wisely.

People practising mindfulness regularly report that:

  • It helps to change the way they think about, and respond to challenging situations.
  • They feel more accepting and compassionate towards themselves and others.
  • It helps them to changes how they relate to and perceive emotional pain.
  • They are more able to concentrate and can become more focussed.
  • They are more emotionally resilient.
  • They feel more content in life.


8 Weekly Sessions 7-9pm

To enrol for this course please email : Encompass@stfrancisprimary.org or call us on 01344 622840

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